Medical Staff

Three Gables Surgery Center medical staff provide a wide range of same-day surgeries, including orthopedic, ear nose and throat, plastic and reconstructive, ophthalmology, podiatry and pain management.


NorthStar Anesthesia:

  • David Maxon, MD
  • Jeffrey L. Leaberry, MD
  • Katrina Briggs, MD
  • Daniel Russell, MD
  • Bartlett A. Stone, MD
ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)


  • Stephen Dawson, MD

 HIMG/Touma Hearing Centers

  • Joseph Touma, MD

Holzer Health System:

  • Jeremy Cuzzourt, MD

Marshall Ear, Nose and Throat:

  • Scott R. Gibbs, MD
  • Adam VanHorn, MD

Valley Health:

  • Thomas M. Jung, MD, PhD
  • Mark F. Sheridan, MD

Marshall Orthopaedics:

  • John J. Jasko, MD
  • Dana Lycans, MD
  • Chad D. Lavender, MD
  • Matthew W. Bullock, DO, MPT
  • Thomas C. Emmer, MD
  • Melissa Emery, FNP-BC
  • Michael Gentile, DPM
  • Charles Giangarra, MD

Scott Orthopedic Center:

  • Luis E. Bolano, MD
  • Stanley Tao, MD
  • Karim Boukhemis, MD
  • Jarrod Smith, MD
Pain Medicine

St. Mary’s Pain Relief Specialists:

  • Rudy Malayil, MD
  • Onyechi Megafu, MD
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

HIMG/Ultimate Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery:

  • Benjamin Moosavi, MD

 Dr. Stephen Miller Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

  • Stephen B. Miller, MD

Scott Orthopedic Center:

  • Kevin Brown, DPM

Ashland Advanced Eye Care:

  • Maurice J. Oakley, MD

Marshall Eye Surgeons:

  • Vishal Verma, MD